A picture is worth a thousand words, and in a call center, saves a lot of time, too. Consider real estate agents who handle inquiries from prospective home buyers. Providing timely information is critical to closing real estate deals. So 8×8 Virtual Contact Center now lets agents embed documents—such as a location map, a floor plan, or a price sheet—in a web chat session. And rather than follow up via email, agents can share rich text data instantly during a chat conversation by using FAQ links—and just a few clicks.

Also, because many contact center calls are repetitive, building an FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) knowledge base also saves time. Instead of scrambling for answers or recreating the wheel, agents can pull the answers from the FAQ call center knowledge base quickly and share them. The 8×8 Virtual Contact Center lets supervisors build FAQs with rich content by embedding images or attaching files. Build FAQs once, use them forever—or at least until the next update. Embedding images or files in a chat conversation requires a bit of preparatory work. The procedure is simple and the benefits are powerful:

Step 1: Create an FAQ.
Step 2: Insert desired images/files to the FAQ and save it.
Step 3: Share the FAQ content during a chat.

Note: You must be a supervisor to create FAQs. Agents do not have the ability to create FAQs. Here is how you can define FAQs using your 8×8 call center software.

Step 1: Creating an FAQ

  1. Log into the Agent Console as a supervisor. From your Control Panel menu, select FAQ.
  2. Click the New FAQ link in the FAQ window.
    • Enter a question or a statement in the FAQ question box.
    • Then enter an appropriate answer and add desired images.

Step 2: Inserting Images or Files in the FAQ

You can embed an image link or attach an image file to the FAQ.

  1. Click the image link, and enter the URL location of the desired image. Note: Image should be hosted on a web server. 
    Embed an image link or attach an image file to the contact center FAQ

    Note: in the 7.1 environment, you must embed the URL in HTML tags as shown here.

    Embed the URL in these HTML tags.
  2. Click the Attachments tab in the FAQ definition, browse and upload images stored locally.
  3. Add a shortcut to the FAQ: You can use the shortcut to fetch this FAQ during a chat. The shortcut creates a link to the FAQ.
  4. Save the FAQ in the Knowledge base.

Now, the FAQ is available for agents to use.

Step 3: Inserting the FAQ in a Chat

During an active chat conversation with a customer, fetch the FAQ content either using the shortcut or referring to the FAQ knowledge base.

Using the shortcut

  1. Enter the shortcut in the chat window and click Insert FAQ button. A link to the FAQ inserts in the agent’s chat window.
  2. Click Send to share content with the customer. The FAQ content link is posted in the customer’s chat window. Attachments in an FAQ are shared as links. Customers can click on these links for information.
    Share images or rich content via a link.

Referring to the FAQ Knowledge base

Navigate to the FAQ knowledge base, select the desired FAQ and click Send in current chat link. The FAQ content is communicated to the customer instantly.

Or share the image graphically right in the chat window.

Note: If you embedded an image in the FAQ response, the image is directly embedded in the chat window.

Today, customers demand information at their fingertips. Your business must keep up with the changing needs by taking advantage of evolving technologies. Virtual Contact Center’s enhanced ability to share rich text data over chat channels helps contact centers stay on top of customer’s demands and deliver a superior customer experience.


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