About Us

Carlson Communications Corp. is an IT service provider and network cabling company that proudly serves Los Angeles and Orange County. Our experience and precision are what makes us the #1 choice for business in LA and OC. We take into account building construction, office security considerations and legal considerations. It is commonplace that many new or relocating companies make common mistakes. Carlson Comm. Corp. avoids such discrepancies; maximizing computer network cabling speed will impact the productivity of your company so long as you are in your current office space.

CAT 5e Network Cabling is a tiny but crucial part of your technological setup budget, however, can account for a large amount of your company’s time productivity at your new office space. Begin on the right path. Begin with the correct network cabling needed for your company today by enlisting the best network cable company: Carlson.

Carlson Communications Corp. specializes in contracting cable with the direct focus on complex installations for voice, data, security, video, wiring, and cabling plus wireless connectivity for a variety of network levels. Most companies only perform selected jobs, such as running cable, however, don’t complete the whole job often requiring the hiring of further help regarding actual cabling, connecting jacks (terminating jacks) or connecting to equipment. We carry out all parts of the job for computer and phone wiring plus cabling through a single visit without delay, confusion, mistakes or extra expenses. Network Cabling Pros provides free site survey and office cabling quotes.

For a free on-site schedule, simply call us and our reliable and experienced cabling and wiring experts will help you with the network design and installation of your company.